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The city of Maceio is located between the Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean Mundaú. It occupies the terrace, made by sea, on the edge of the board that limits to the north, the trough of the ancient estuary Mundaú, and continues on a tongue of land which joins the terrace and thins to the southwest, ending at Pontal da Barra. This tongue of land, or shoal, closed the estuary, forming a lake, and diverted the river mouth to the Point. The town developed on the training lengthened, deserving, by many scholars the name of "City-Restinga"


Pleasure of being in Maceio is not only a delightful swim, but also, to a dip in the colors and flavors of the culinary wonders of Alagoas. Are aphrodisiacs and exotic dishes, made from shrimp, lobster, mussels, crab, shellfish and fish, served with coconut milk or natural. There is also a wide variety of typical food, made primarily of cassava, cassava, corn and coconut as Beiju, the Tapioca, the Hominy, the Pamonha, and the munguzá and the Foot kid. The fruits are tropical flavor and vibrant color. Most are found Siriguela, Mango, Soursop, Caja, Pitanga, Acerola, Mangaba, among others.

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Av. Antônio Gouveia, 81, Pajuçara

Maceió - Alagoas - CEP 57030-170